27 Week Update

27 Week Update

How far along? 27 weeks

27 Week Pregnancy chalkboard update

Baby Size: Head of Cauliflower (I am getting my size from the Baby Center App)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I have gained 19 pounds (appointment was yesterday)

Maternity clothes: I am still holding strong in my original 4 maternity pants and of course yoga pants and maxis.  My next step is to get some dresses for my upcoming showers!

Stretch Marks: Not yet but I am very good about applying lotion everyday day!

Sleep: Usually good but for the past few nights we have had major storms that have kept our whole household up! Baby Blue gets very nervous and has to jump onto the bed and snuggle up to us.  Crazy dreams have helped with some sleep loss as well.  These dreams have included another gender dream and this time the baby was a girl.  Hmmmm now I am really confused about the gender!

Best Moment of the Week: Getting this random Wednesday off school due to the major rain!

Miss Anything: Cold beer… for this week at least!

Movement: Yes! The kicks are getting a bigger and  bigger and definitely moving all over my stomach… high, low, everywhere.  The ultrasound technician said that it looks like Baby Blue Eyes is “having a party in there!”

Food Cravings: Frozen yogurt topped with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (yeah I know it kind of defeats the frozen yogurt)

Symptoms: My body is still holding up, thankfully.  I have noticed that my shoes are starting to feel tight and really hurt my poor feet.  I am hoping that doesn’t mean my feet are growing and that they are just swelling.

Anything make you queasy or sick? No!

Have you started to show yet? Yes, feeling bigger everyday which is great because that means sweet Baby Blue Eyes is growing!

Gender predictions? Today I am thinking that Baby Blue Eyes is a girl but it changes daily.

Labor Signs: No

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding ring on or off? Still wearing my wedding band.

Happy or moody most of the time? Feeling happy!

Looking forward to: Relaxing this weekend because we have been going, going, going like crazy over the past 3 weeks and we are exhausted.  I am also excited for our infant CPR class next week.

27 week pregnancy chalkboard update

27 weeks

Hopefully you are all staying dry and safe where you are!




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