39 Week Update

39 Week Update

It’s official, Baby Blue Eyes is their father’s child,  I would never be this late to anything.  😉

Baby Blue Eyes is very cozy and taking their sweet time to make an appearance.  This pregnancy has taught me so much about my body especially that it is not like anyone else’s! In my mind I was going to have this baby mid-July but obviously God and Baby Blue Eyes had other plans.  Being a teacher I am a planner and very structured which is why Baby Blue Eyes is definitely challenging me.   Baby is helping me to let go of my control and put my trust in God and His timing, not mine.  Love that Baby Blue Eyes is already teaching me and they aren’t even out, the first of many lessons as a parent.

As we play the waiting game Mr. Blue Eyes and I have really been enjoying spending time together.  There have been lots of dinner dates and hiking dates.  There is even a Monopoly challenge set to take place and hopefully a few more beach dates.

Camp Helen State Park

Family hike to get baby moving…didn’t seem to work.

Hanging pictures in Baby Blue Eyes room was also on the agenda this week.  I have had it in my mind that I wanted the four vintage prints to be straight across the nursery’s back wall (don’t ask me why).  When it comes to pictures I usually just eyeball where I want them to go, rarely do I measure anything.  When it came to these four pictures I really wanted them to be even and in a straight line.  I tried just using a tape measure and even had my cousin and Mr. Blue Eyes try to help but I could not get it.  That is when I began to search the internet for a helpful tip, which I found! I read that tracing the frames on wax paper was the key and boy, oh, boy was it.  It was so much easier to make the pictures even and straight.  Once I had them traced I taped the paper on the wall hammered the nails.  Finally just rip the paper down and hang the frames.

Wax paper to hang pictures

This was my project this past weekend!

Hanging pictures

The finished project.

My dad told me that the pictures look scary but I promise it is not as scary when you have the whole nursery picture.  I hope to give you a nursery tour soon if the curtains ever come in the mail!

39 Weeks

39 Week Update

Baby Blue Eyes is getting bigger and so am I!


Baby Size: As heavy as a mini-watermelon (I am getting my size from the Baby Center App)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I have gained 36 pounds! Oh my word! I am going to be happy when I start seeing that number go down.  It does make me happy that Baby Blue Eyes is getting bigger though! 🙂

Working Out: Trying to stay active but sore joints don’t make it very enjoyable.  I try to do my arm routine and squats 3-4 times per week.  Mr. Blue Eyes and I have also been taking hikes with Baby Blue.

Maternity clothes: Yep, still wearing the same old, same old.  I have most of my nursing tank tops packed in my hospital bag so I have been wearing more of my pre-baby clothes lately.

Stretch Marks: Not yet but I am very good about applying lotion everyday day!

Sleep: I have not been sleeping well for some reason.  My body has been very restless and achy when I lay down.  Also, my mind just races and races about the baby, school, really anything!

Best Moment of the Week: Thai food dinner with my girlfriends! We were trying to get baby moving with the spice but I think Baby Blue Eyes is so used to me eating it that they were not even phased! 🙂

39 Week Update

Celebrating our friend’s baby at a beautiful shower!

Miss Anything: Sleeping on my stomach and of course a chilled margarita!

Movement: Baby Blue Eyes is still moving like crazy and kicking momma all over the place, especially the ribs.

Food Cravings: Sweets are still my major craving, which might be part of the reason I gained over 30 pounds (yikes).  Loving spice whether it is hot sauce or peanut sauce.

Symptoms: My feet and hands are still swollen and now my joints (fingers and toes) feel like they are broken! This has definitely been the worst symptom I have had during my pregnancy (which I know is not bad and shouldn’t complain).

Anything make you queasy or sick? No!

Have you started to show yet? Yes, I am showing but my belly is measuring about 4 weeks behind.

Gender predictions? Baby is still a surprise! This waiting game is making it very hard!

Labor Signs: Just minor cramps nothing consistent.

Belly button in or out? My belly button is still in and I don’t think it is going anywhere.  🙂

Wedding ring on or off? The rings are definitely off with my chubby, swollen fingers and the Florida humidity.

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy, happy, happy.  I do have to admit I got a little disappointed at the doctor’s office today when there was still no progress.

Mr. Blue Eyes and I can’t wait to meet baby.  I will keep you posted! Off to take a little snooze.  Enjoy your Wednesday!



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  1. Katie Thomas July 24, 2014 at 8:06 am #

    You look adorable!! Won’t be long and you’ll be holding your precious bundle of love!
    Looking forward to hearing your announcement!

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