Blue Eye Story

Blue Eye Story

Our Blue Eye story began a few years ago.  Last year marked 2 years of dating and on July 19, 2011 Mr. Blue Eye and I were engaged! Flowers, romance, music, tears… Oh, please!  This is not a romantic comedy. Our engagement was exactly that… Ours.

The Story

We went to our favorite bar, Foolery’s, for a burger and fries (our favorite meal). After dinner, Mr. Blue Eye wanted to pick up something to drink while we watched the Brewers play (not unusual for a summer evening in Wisconsin).  Like a typical girl I was getting irritated because the Mr. couldn’t decide what to get.  Little did I know what he had up his sleeve.

Mr. Blue Eye kept asking if we should get a fun drink like Champagne.  I had no idea what had got into him but I kept rejecting his ideas and said just pick something.  We walked out of the store with boring beer. 🙂

When we got to his parents house to watch the game I was sitting on the couch and Mr. Blue Eye walked up behind me and put a necklace around my neck with the ring hanging on it.  He simply and elegantly asked me to marry him. The rest is history. 🙂

The Planning Begins…

Now, that was the love story but after the celebrating, phone calls, and pictures my creativity started flowing. The dress, flowers, food, invites, pictures, budget… Oh my!

Wedding Wisdom

I will be doing a few installments about the planning of our wedding. Some tips and tricks we used to stay on budget, stay unique, and true to our personalities.  Did I mention we planned it in 3 months?!?! So I will also be sharing some time saving ideas.

Barn Wedding Entrance

The entrance to our rustic, chic barn wedding.



About Celia

I am a blue eyed gal living with my blue eyed hubby and our blue eyed Weimaraner in Wisconsin. Teaching is my day job and I just love it! There is nothing that I would rather be doing for my profession. In my free time I love designing and crafting our little apartment. I also have a love of all things water like swimming and boating. Take a minute or two to get to know my blue eyed family.
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