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Getting Ready for School and Baby Blue Eyes! 

 Boy, Oh, Boy babies are motivating.  I have been teaching for 5 years and never once have I had my room ready for the next year when I left for summer vacation.  That is what having a little miracle can do to you.  Currently I am planning to return for the first 6 weeks (or so) of school.   I knew that I was not going to want to spend the last precious moments I had with Baby Blue Eyes putting up bulletin boards and laminating (even though I do love those tasks, I already love little babe more).    

That is why I worked my behind off to get my room organized, cleaned and bulletin boards up! We had 2 post planning days at school and since I was done putting all my cumulative folders together I was able to get all my bulletin boards up and even got some planning done for the first few weeks of school.

In my 5 year career as a teacher I have become quite cheap.  I try not to go to the teacher stores anymore because they are so pricey.  I have found some fairly inexpensive ways to decorate that offers more options.  In my classroom next year I wanted to coordinate with the adorable Chalkboard Classroom Theme Pack that I purchased from Blair Turner on TPT.  Last year I tried to coordinate with it and was not very happy with the outcome.  Here are a few pictures from my classroom last year.

Chalkboard Classroom Theme Pack

Classroom Organization

Loving the new home for all my center activities.


Classroom Bulletin Board

Another view of the bulletin board behind my desk.
Classroom Bulletin Boards

The front of my classroom.

Burlap Bulletin Board

Library Bulletin Board.

Burlap Bulletin Board

Burlap Bulletin Board

My burlap number bulletin board...I need an iron!

My burlap number bulletin board…I need an iron!

Burlap Bulletin Board

Number bulletin board…Close-up.

Burlap Bulletin Board

Number bulletin board…Close-up.

I loved the burlap I used last year but this year I wanted to stick with the colors teal, peach, and black.  So I headed to every teachers favorite store… Target.

The first section I headed to was the party supply section.  I love using plastic tablecloths instead of paper on my boards.  They are huge and can cover almost any sized board (large or small) and they only cost about $3.00! I got my teal tablecloth at Target for $3.50.  I also love to use wrapping paper on my boards because it comes in great patterns and colors.  Wrapping paper is also really easy to work with.  The teal wrapping paper I found was about $4.00 for the roll which was a little more than I wanted to pay but the color and pattern won me over.  The brown wrapping paper with black stripes was only about $3.00.  Make sure if you choose to use wrapping paper you check to see how much is included on the roll because some rolls can come with practically nothing on them.  For my borders I used the black burlap ribbon from last year.  I ended up cutting it in half because it was really wide.  Then I used some orange border from my stash to go with the teal tablecloth.

Classroom Bulletin Boards

Classroom Bulletin Boards

I actually even got my calendar board ready!

With all of our extra planning time I was even able to get some planning done for next year.  Here are a few of the activities I am loving from Teachers Pay Teachers.

ABC ~ Easy as 1,2,3! {Alphabet Anchor Charts, Activities, & Printables}

The First Grade Parade

These activities are perfect for the first few weeks of school because they allow the Firsties to review everything they learned as Kinders.

The Bus Stops Here! {20 Back to School Math & Literacy Centers-Bundled}

The First Grade Parade

The math and literacy centers in this pack are adorable and will help keep my classroom running smoothly the first couple weeks.

Say My Name! {Math, Literacy, & Science Activities for Name Recognition}

The First Grade Parade

I absolutely adore these activities.  My Firsties last year loved working with their names and their classmates names.  The activities are so engaging and personal.

All of these activities were created by Cara Carroll.  Seriously if you haven’t checked out her blog, The First Grade Parade, or TPT site you need to.  She has amazing ideas and products!

In baby news here are a few things I am loving and excited about.

We finally ordered our travel system! Hip, Hip, Hooray! It should be coming in the next week and I can’t wait to get it put together.

BOB Motion Travel System

We ended up going with the BOB Motion Travel System based on the safety reviews.

I also put the vintage nautical prints into their frames.

Neutral Baby Nursery

The vintage nursery prints we received at our shower. I got the frames from Target.

Finally, we are trying to decide on which curtains to get for the nursery.  I have been hunting the internet for the cutest patterns and best deals.  I ended up heading to West Elm, a website that I love.  They had amazing choices but now I am not sure which one to choose. Leave a comment for the choice you like best!

Neutral Nursery

#1: Navy Swirls, #2: Gold Zig-Zag, and #3: Navy Chevron

Now back to packing for our July 1st move!  Hopefully I will get all my planning done before Baby Blue Eyes arrival! 🙂

Happy Wednesday!



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3 Responses to Classroom Decorations

  1. mary June 18, 2014 at 9:28 pm #

    Navy Swirls is my vote for the curtains. Celia you are so talented and amazing!!! Your classroom looks so awesome and our baby will be so blessed to be in a nursery that is so chic! I am so proud of you and admire your savvy style……now bring on our baby blue eyes!!! Love Gramary

  2. Auntie-to-be June 19, 2014 at 11:14 pm #

    Such lucky little kiddos to be in a fun cute classroom like that!! I love all the curtains but I think the gold are my fav.. Second choice navy & white chevron. West elm is the best!

    – Excited auntie

  3. Rebecca June 28, 2014 at 1:36 pm #

    Gold zig zag!

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