Easy Appetizer

Delicious, Easy Appetizer

Hot and Spicy Sausage Wontons

In honor of March Madness and our Wisconsin Badgers heading to the Final Four {Whoo hoo, Go Bucky!} I am sharing a quick, easy appetizer that will please any crowd!

A few years ago when Mr. Blue Eyes and I were dating we went to my sister’s house for a game night.  My sister and brother-in-law had an array of hot appetizers to munch on, however, when Mr. Blue Eyes and I tried one in particular it was OVER! I think we both chowed down about 5 that night and knew we had to make them again.  When I asked for the recipe my brother-in-law laughed and told us the story.  At the time my sister was pregnant and of course my BIL (brother-in-law) attended the many, many appointments.  He said that as he was sitting in the OB-GYN office reading a magazine {I’m sure Redbook, or some other ladies magazine 🙂 } and he discovered this delightful dish! I am so thankful for that fateful day because I seriously make this app for almost every party we attend {seriously ask my family}!

Hot and Spicy Sausage Wontons

***Not sure of the original origin of the recipe***


1 pack of wontons (located in the produce aisle)

1-2 packs of fresh Italian sausage (the original recipe calls for Jimmy Dean Original Sausage, but Mr. Blue Eyes has a weird thing about not eating frozen meat so we do fresh, but either is fine!)

1 Pepper Jack Cheese Block

3/4 c. Ranch Dressing

2 tbsp. Frank’s Red Hot

2 tsp Crushed Red Pepper

Our family likes spice and that is why I added the Red Hot and crushed pepper flakes.  All of those ingredients are totally optional.  I have also been known to throw some of the Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce for a little extra kick.  The amazing thing about this recipe is really you can put whatever you want into the wonton.  Some variations I have tried recently are Buffalo Chicken Wontons and Lasagna Wontons! Mr. Blue Eyes and I have also made Taco Wontons for dinner a time or two 😉 !

1. Preheat the oven to 350

2. Brown the sausage.

Easy Appetizer

Brown the sausage.

3. While the sausage is browning, place the wontons in a greased muffin tins (I like the Pam Coconut Oil).  The above recipe makes about 24 wontons.  When the oven is preheated place the wontons in the oven to get crispy, about 5 minutes.

Easy Appetizer

Place the wontons in a greased, muffin tins.

4.  Cut the cheese into thin pieces to place over the sausage.

5. When the sausage is done cooking drain the grease and put into a large mixing bowl.  Mix the ranch, Red Hot, crushed red pepper flakes with the sausage.

6.  Place about 1 spoonful of sausage into each wonton.

Easy Appetizer

Place a spoonful of sausage into each wonton.

7. Place a piece of cheese over each and bake until cheese has melted.  Usually about 12-15 minutes-I never set my timer, a really bad habit I picked up from Mr. Blue Eyes 🙂

Easy Appetizer

Place a slice of cheese on each wonton and place in the oven.

Easy Appetizer

Pull the wontons out of the oven when the cheese has melted.


I am telling you this appetizer will be gone within a few minutes of putting it out for guests.  That is why I don’t have a picture of the wontons on a pretty plate because they were gobbled up before I could get one! This recipe is perfect if you need to prepare it ahead of time and once you arrive at the party just pop them into the oven so they are nice and hot!

What are your favorite game time apps?

Happy Monday! Go Badgers!



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