How to Make Ketel One, Horseradish Free Bloody Mary

Ketel One Bloody Mary (Horseradish Free)

Growing up in the Midwest, Wisconsin, more specifically there are a couple things we take very seriously…family, the summer months, our sports teams (Go Pack Go) and tailgating. There is nothing better then heading to Miller Park or Lambeau Field with a car load full of family, friends and of course the fixings for a fabulous tailgate. Ask anyone in Wisconsin what the must have beverage is at any tailgate and without a doubt they will say the Bloody Mary.

Ketel One Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary originated in Paris around 1921 at a bar called, Harry’s New York Bar. During that time the Russian Revolution was in full swing and the immigrants were escaping to Paris and bringing with them their Vodka and Caviar. The bartender at Harry’s, Ferdinand “Pete” Petiot began experimenting with this new liquor and found it to be tasteless. At that same time Prohibition was taking place in America and liquor starved Americans were traveling to Europe and Paris. Harry’s Bar was the perfect designation since the actual bar was shipped over from New York and it made them feel like they were at home . This is when Petiot first learned about American canned tomato juice. Over the course of a year Petiot made thousands of Vodka drinks until he decided to try it with canned tomato juice and seasonings in turn creating the Bloody Mary. The drink was then popularized by Americans and the rest is history.

The Bloody Mary is such a unique drink because there are so many twists and variations for this one cocktail. Any individual person who makes a Bloody Mary can easily put their own spin on the drink. Over the years I have probably tried hundreds of variations at different bars and restaurants however none of them have ever come close to the variation made by my very own, Mr. Blue Eyes.

There are 4 key ingredients that a good Bloody Mary needs: the mix (pre-made or homemade), Vodka (any Vodka will do but obviously Ketel One is the top), Worcestershire sauce, and loads of ice. With those 4 ingredients you can make a great Bloody Mary, anything additional will be icing on the cake.

Ketel One Bloody Mary

Try one or more of these great garnishments:

Hot Sauce (Tabasco specifically)
Celery Salt (especially on the rim of the glass, see our You Tube video)
Lemons and Limes
Olives and Olive juice
Cheese stick
Beef Stick

The list goes on and on!

So go ahead and get creative experimenting with the Bloody Mary! You really can’t go wrong (unless you add Horseradish :))!

Check out the You Tube video for detailed instructions!

**This recipe is to be made in a martini shaker and will make 2 cocktails**


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