Infant Travel

Planes, Trains (well boats), and Automobiles

In the four months Baby Blue Eyes has been alive he has become quite the little traveler.  When he was only 4 weeks we took a long, grueling road trip to Wisconsin.  Baby Blue Eyes handled the trip with ease.  It was way more difficult for Mr. Blue Eyes and I.  Then in October when Baby Blue Eyes was 11 weeks old we flew home for a family wedding.  Again Baby Blue Eyes was a trooper and barely 😉 made a peep! Those trips were with Mr. Blue Eyes.  I have an upcoming flight back to Wisconsin with just Baby Blue Eyes and I…we will see how that goes. Especially since I have a stop in Atlanta! Yikes!

Baby Blue Eyes first boat ride.

Baby Blue Eyes first boat ride.

Here are a few of my tips and must haves for traveling with a babe.

Infant Travel

We had the whole gang on the road trip!

1. Accessibility is a MUST! Especially when traveling in the car you need to be able to access all your must haves! In the car I keep my diaper bag and then another big bag of essentials rights next to Baby Blue Eyes car seat.  On the airplane I ditched the diaper bag and used a backpack.  The backpack made the trip a breeze and that is definitely my go-to for the next flight!

2. Keep moving. Baby Blue Eyes loves movement! It can be a stroller, boat, plane, car, swing, anything! He doesn’t discriminate, he loves it all.  On our road trip he did fabulous in the car.  Then when we tried stopping at a hotel he lost it.  He cried and fussed for two hours.  Finally at 10:30 Mr. Blue Eyes said, “Get back into the car.”  Once we got into the car Baby Blue Eyes was quiet and fell fast asleep.

3. Portable changing pad.  Ok, ok if you don’t have one head to Target now and get this! Seriously I use this everyday and especially while traveling! On the road trip we were changing diapers in the back seat and the changing pad helped save {what is left of} my car.  Then on the airplane we had one explosion and we would have changed him at our seat but it was a bomb! Plus, we happened to be sitting by a pregnant woman in her first trimester. {I didn’t know how sensitive her nose was 🙂 } Anyways, Baby Blue Eyes exploded and absolutely needed to be changed because we had just left the Atlanta airport and had a good 1.5 hours left to fly.  Before flying with Baby Blue Eyes I read countless blogs and they all said that airplane bathrooms have changing tables! Don’t be fooled they don’t! I was mislead  and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else.  Mr. Blue Eyes carried him back to the bathroom for me and then left me high and dry!  I later asked him why he left me and he told me that he didn’t want anyone to think we were trying to join the mile high club…Only Mr. Blue Eyes! 🙂 I opened the bathroom door and froze no changing table and only a dirty, airplane toilet.  Luckily the toilet did have a top.  I laid the pad down and then a blanket and got to work {I will spare you the gory details}.  Trying to balance my portable changing pad and the baby while pulling out wipes.  Whew! I start sweating just thinking about it! I somehow, to this day I don’t know how, managed to change Baby Blue Eyes’ dirty, dirty diaper! I bet you can imagine the dirty look I gave Mr. Blue Eyes as I snuck back into the seat.  He is still making that up to me!

4.  The previous story leads quite nicely into my next tip.  Bring Sanitizer.  I’m talking every kind.  The gel, the wipes, hand soap, anything you can get your hands on! We had the small portable sanitizers on each of our bags and then we had a big bottle in the cup holder.  I also bought the Johnson antibacterial wipes which are perfect for Baby Blue Eyes’ hands and face.

Infant Travel

He loved looking out at the planes.

5. Baby Wrap.  You should bring some sort of contraption that allows you to wear your baby.  I loved the Solly Baby Wrap because Baby Blue Eyes just snuggled in.  It is also light weight and easy to store.  I think for the upcoming trip I am planning to bring the Baby Bjorn because he is a little bigger and likes to look around!  And with the Baby Bjorn I can “wear” him on the outside.

Infant Travel

Snuggled up for take off.

6. A boob, bottle, or pacifier.  Any of these devices will help your sweet little ones ears when taking off.  They don’t know how to pop their ears so the sucking motion forces them to do it.

Infant Travel

He snoozed most of the trip!

7. Laughter.  This is a must! You are bound to have a stressful situation when traveling (like when our car battery dies in who-knows-where, Alabama.  Or when pee sprayed all over the back seat) but you have to laugh about it.  It is going to help everyone stay sane! You will also create family memories. 😉

Infant Travel

Baby Blue Eyes loved meeting his cousins!

What are your go to travel tips with a babe?

Have a great week! Coming up on the blog I will share my must-haves for new moms!



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