Nonfiction Writing Freebie

Nonfiction Writing Freebie

Nonfiction Writing Freebie

Check out my Nonfiction Writing Freebie.

I am taking a break from the wedding recap for a teaching freebie! Oh yeah! I teach first grade and I absolutely love it! Those littles seriously make me laugh and blow my mind with their smarts each day.  My sweeties and I recently finished up a nonfiction reading and writing unit and I put together a packet that we used throughout the units.

This can be used as both nonfiction and fiction writing pieces.

Writing Paper

In writing we began by working on an all about book.  To start the unit I had the sweeties create a list of topics that they could create an all about book about.  Then we worked on an all about book about Penguins.  The students each created their own book but we worked on each page as a group.  Of course I didn’t take any pictures of their precious books.  Oh well, there is always next year.

Kinds of writing

This paper can be used for displaying types of or kinds of writing.

We also really worked on diving into the nonfiction text features.  That is when I used the text feature checklist.  I used this as both a pre and post assessment for the students.  To finish off the nonfiction fun I had the students work on their “expert” voice.  We watched some videos of Jeff Corwin and talked about our own “expert” voices.  Then the students went through their nonfiction just right books to find the main idea and details on some of their pages.  After that they chose their favorite main idea and detail and began to practice.  Then they worked in pairs to film each other with our school iPods to create their own Jeff Corwin like video.  So stinkin’ cute! Then we were able to enjoy them.

Main Idea

Main Idea and detail worksheet.

Check out my freebie, Nonfiction Writing Papers .  This is my first project so please feel free to let me know what you think.  




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