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Classroom Open House…

Also, what book I have on my nightstand and music on my iPod!

Whenever open house comes around I feel like I am having guests over to my house.  I have to make sure everything is clean and ready! This is my fifth year teaching and I think our move to Florida has really helped me to slow down (beach time) and relax about things.  It doesn’t have to be perfect! That is why this year I didn’t create a major production in my classroom.  Here are a few of the simple and easy activities that I planned. 

All About Me Poem

The Firsties and I are really focusing on their writing this year and that is why I wanted to have a piece of writing on their desk along with their writing folder.  I found a really cute project idea on Pinterest here using the student’s picture and a poem they wrote.  This project was super easy.  I took a picture of each child pretending to yell.  Then I printed them in black and white.  The students worked on decorating their background paper with crayons.  After their paper was covered with crayon designs I had them choose a paint color (mixed with some water) to create a wash over their crayon designs.  When their project was dry I cut out their picture and they glued it on the edge of the paper.

On Teachers Pay Teachers I found a free (oh yeah! Here is the link.) poem template that the students filled out! Then we practiced using our fine motor skills and I had the students cut the poem into strips.  I think they turned out absolutely adorable! It was such an easy, quick project and the kids loved seeing themselves “shouting” their poem!

A few of my little cuties!

A few of my little cuties!

Hands On Open House Activities

At open house I love to have one or two hands on activities for the Firsties and their families.  This year because we were just wrapping up our adding chapter in math I decided to have an activity where the Firsties could show-off what they knew.  It was also a little extra practice before their math test the next day! Again this idea was super quick and easy.  I laid out some connecting cubes, post-its and Sharpies.  I asked the students to show 3 ways to make 10! Super easy and the families loved watching their student get put to work! 🙂

The set up on my table.

The set up on my table.

The next hands on activity I had was for my families.  I set out a little bag and some cards for the families to write compliments for their Firstie.  Then we read them and talked about compliments at our morning meeting the next day.

An easy way for families to  connect with their students.

An easy way for families to connect with their students.


Along with my open house activities I wanted to share a few of the artists I have been playing on my iPod! My ride into work is about 30 minutes so I spend a lot of time in my car.  Recently Mr. John Mayer has been playing a lot! Have you heard his new album, Paradise Valley?

John Mayer

John Mayer

 I love it…There are so many great beach songs! I especially love “Wildfire”, “Waitin’ on the Day”, and “Who You Love” featuring Katy Perry! Oh my it is such a cute song, especially if you follow the celebrity gossip because I think they are dating?!? Mr. Blue Eyes and I differ on whether we like this album better than his previous album Born and Raised.  This album is so easy, breezy and beachy! I think it is perfect for cruising Front Beach Road or sitting on the sand!

Another one of my new favorite songs is by Rend Collective Experiment called “Build Your Kingdom Here.”  This song comes on in my car and I am singing at the top of my lungs! It rocks! The band’s sound reminds me of Mumford and Sons.  So amazing and I recommend their acoustic album “Campfire” very highly.

Rend Collective Experiment

Rend Collective Experiment


On Friday night I had the opportunity to attend a women’s conference at our church with my sweet cousin.  We had Lisa Bevere come to speak about her new book, Girls with Swords.  She was absolutely hysterical and it was an awesome night of worship! At the end of the night my cousin and I decided to each get a book.  Lisa’s book that I am reading now is called, Lioness Arising.

Lioness Arising

Lioness Arising

Lioness Arising will cause you to see the awesome strength and beauty that God has given every woman.  It will stir up the lioness heart in you and inspire you to rise above the daily grind of life and serve God with a renewed passion.” 

-Joyce Meyer

It is fascinating to read about the parallels between lionesses/lions and us and also all the biblical references.  I am so excited to finish the book!

These people rise up like a lioness; like a majestic lion they stand. Numbers 23:24

All in all it was a great week and relaxing weekend.  I definitely am enjoying the slower pace down here in the “Redneck Riviera.”



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