Spring Outfits

Spring Clothes

How do you tell it is spring in Wisconsin?

-When the temperature is 50 degrees you will see people …

  • in shorts
  • in convertibles with the top down
  • in flip flops
  • grilling out
  • grilling out in parking lots of their favorite sports teams
  • walking with a bit of a skip in their steps

So you can only imagine the joy on the faces of everyone in this great state when we have been between 60-80 degrees for the past 3 days with, drumroll please… the sun shining! The Vitamin D is working wonders for the spirits of my fellow Sconnies.  This milestone also calls for some work with the wardrobe.

Spring Wardrobe

I had to pull out my spring clothes from the garage because of course I wanted to enjoy the weather.  It is also fun to pull out clothes that I forgot I had! 🙂 So for the past few days I have been enjoying wearing all the fun spring colors, patterns and skirts (seriously is there anything better than a maxi?:)) I am the type of person who changes my clothes for the mood I’m in.

Tuesday I was feeling a bit Boho and also wanted to be comfy.  I went straight to my favorite black maxi skirt.  Then I pulled out a sheer polka dot top and a striped blazer.  Of course you can never go wrong with a pair of leopard print flats.  I was definitely trying to channel my inner Rachel Zoe.

Everything is better with a maxi and leopard print.

Everything is better with a maxi and leopard print.

Today I knew I wanted to pull out my coral pants for a pop of color, however I was stuck for the top.  Basic black wasn’t going to do it for me on an 80 degree day.  So I did some pinning in my closet this morning (I know, not normal).  I found an amazing inspiration picture of Princess Kate. Seriously that soon-to-be mama has got some style! She was wearing coral pants with a white top, blue blazer, and FAB scarf! I had most of the pieces in my closet but instead of a blue blazer I used my navy cardigan.  Obviously my version of the outfit probably only cost 1/10 of what she paid.  On my feet I wore a basic pair of nude wedges.  It was the perfect color combo for this gorgeous day!

I decided to keep my outfit pretty basic except for the patterned scarf and ruffled tank.

I decided to keep my outfit pretty basic except for the patterned scarf and ruffled tank.

I wish I could say that I have already packed away my winter boots, tights, and sweaters because it is May after all, but in Wisconsin you never know what to expect.  The weatherman is predicting 30 degrees and rain for the next few days.  Hmmm…. perhaps I will be sharing some cozier clothing options in the next few days! Brrrrr





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