Vowel Poster Freebie!

Vowel Poster Freebie!

How I Use Them in My Classroom?

Here is a little run down on how I use them in my classroom (super simple).  At the beginning of the year I take 1 week to focus on each vowel sound.  This way my students are getting lots of practice with each sound individually.  I love the vowel packs from Babbling Abby from The Inspired Apple.  Abby did an awesome job creating activities that focus on each speicific sound.  At the end of the week I “graduate” the vowel sound that we got done working with.  Our “graduation” is nothing over the top.  The kids and I just discuss some words that follow the specific vowel sound and word patterns and then very ceremoniously we hang it up on the wall 🙂 .  Now the poster can be used  as a reference tool for the rest of the year. 


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This week I am linking up to my first linky party! I am linking up with Latoya Reed of Flying into First Grade.  This is my first time so please be patient! Here linky party is having us use our initials to tell a little bit more about ourselves.  So here it goes… 🙂

My name is Cecelia Grace Schlosser

C is for creativity.  I love  to be creative whether it is in the kitchen, classroom, house, clothing, etc.  Anywhere I can use my creativity I will! I love to decorate my classroom and house, especially creating my own projects on a budget, of course! When Mr. Blue Eyes and I got married it was a huge display of my creativity! I loved being able to create and decorate every aspect of our day!

Draped Barn Entrance

Our dreamy entrance..dripping in drapes and Hydrangeas.

G is for Grace. I know, I know this is my middle name but I have been saved by Grace through Jesus Christ.  My relationship with the Lord is a living, breathing part of me.  Everyday my relationship with the Lord is changing and growing.  My family and I are so blessed. 

The whole Blue Eye Family.

Blessed… Mr. Blue Eyes, Baby Roo, and me.

S is for silly.  Oh boy do I love to laugh.  I have had friends tell me that I make them feel like comedians because I laugh at everything they say! There is nothing that I love doing more than laughing until I cry or until I pull an abdominal muscle.  🙂  If you can make me laugh you are good to go!

Can't stop laughing!

Can’t stop laughing!


Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out Latoaya’s Linky Party!


About Celia

I am a blue eyed gal living with my blue eyed hubby and our blue eyed Weimaraner in Wisconsin. Teaching is my day job and I just love it! There is nothing that I would rather be doing for my profession. In my free time I love designing and crafting our little apartment. I also have a love of all things water like swimming and boating. Take a minute or two to get to know my blue eyed family.


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