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Wedding Ceremony Music

One of my favorite aspects of the wedding planning experience was putting together our ceremony.  I wanted the ceremony to reflect our personalities, the love we have for each other, and the love we have for the Lord.  I was also raised in a very musical household and we take music very seriously.  I had been thinking about the songs that would play in the church at my wedding for a very long time and also about who was going to be playing those songs.

Like I said I have an unbelievably talented family (I certainly did not get those genes) :).  My mother is a music teacher by trade and has actually published a piece of choral music called, “Blessing.”  My dad also was a music teacher and a very talented choir director at our church for years and years. That is why I knew I had to have my parents sing my mom’s song, “Blessing” at the wedding.  I decided to have them sing the song at the end of the ceremony after the prayer in place of a spoken blessing.  Seriously, I was holding back tears through the entire song.

Wedding TipThe more music the merrier.  Add more music to your ceremony to help individualize it to you and your honey.

Now on to the next musicians…

American Idol – Griffin

Our amazing singers and guitarists.

Our amazing singers and guitarists.

Some of you may  know or remember my talented cousin Griffin  who appeared on this season of American Idol.  Let’s just say that Nicki Minaj thought he was pretty cute! 🙂 Well, he is pretty stinkin’ cute but he is also seriously talented.  Griff is an amazing songwriter and performer.  His family is also extremely talented and that is why we asked Griff and his dad to play in between our readings and during the lighting of the unity candle.  My uncle also played guitar during the procession.

Here is a little run down of our song choices and the performers:

  • Angel Eyes by Jim Brickman was played by our church musician on the piano.
  • August’s Lullaby by Marc Marciana performed by my uncle, and a pianist was used during the procession when my sweet bridesmaids and I walked down the aisle.  I decided to keep the same song for all the ladies because I loved it so much!
Our musicians

Singing Divine Romance by Phil Wickham.

  • Divine Romance by Phil Wickham performed by cousin Griff, my uncle, and a musician playing the accordion… yes an accordion! Don’t knock it til you tried it.  This song was played in between our two readings.  Unbelievable…it stole the ceremony show.
  • Amen by Dave Barnes was played during the lighting of the unity candle by Griff, my uncle, and the pianist.  Love the lyrics of this song, especially for a wedding.
  • Blessing by Katie Moran Bart (my mom 🙂 ) was performed by my lovely parents after the prayer.
After the kiss we walked down the aisle.

Here is a our first kiss as a married couple.

  • We kissed and headed down the aisle to Prelude in the Classic by Gordon Young.

I hope you enjoyed this little run down of our wedding music! It was so fun to look for songs that fit Mr. Blue Eyes and I as a couple.  Then it came to life through the musicians in my family.

What songs did you have at your wedding or are planning on having?


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