Zumba…Are you Ready to Shake It?


Dance has always been part of my life,  I love it! The music, movement, all of it.  Dance makes you feel so good! About 5 years ago I got certified to be a Zumba Instructor.  It was perfect because I could get a workout and shake it at the same time.  I ended up teaching at the local YMCA and a private club near my house.  After about 3 years I let my license lapse (Boo! :().  That means I had to get re-licensed if I wanted to teach again.

After moving to the sunshine state I realized that Zumba is hotter than ever! People down here go crazy for it! I also started going to a local Zumba class and fell back in love with it! The local class I attend is amazing… great music, moves and energy! It is definitely inspiring, which led me to get re-licensed 2 weeks ago.

Mr. Blue Eyes and I decided to make a weekend of it because the training I was attending was in Naples, which happens to be 8 hours from our home.  Mr. Blue Eyes grandma, aunt and uncle live in Naples so we were able to spend some time with his sweet family! The took Mr. Blue Eyes golfing while I was training and then made us an amazing Mexican fiesta dinner….seriously I stuffed myself silly, which was necessary after 10 hours of dancing!

A long drive home from Naples.

A long drive home from Naples.

So after our LONG weekend (Poor mr. Blue Eyes drove the entire way because I had to sleep before my training) I was officially Zumba certified again and I am pumped.

Here are the songs that I am loving for Zumba right now!

“Exotic” (Featuring Pitbull) Artist: Priyanka Chopra

“Applause” Artist: Lady Gaga

“Loco” (Cumbia Rhythm) Artist: Zumba Original

(You can only hear it if you come to my class 🙂 )

El Amore, El Amore (Reggateon Rhythm) Artist: Zumba Original

(Again come to my class and you will hear it!)

I am ready to shake it and party with you so come and join in!

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!



About Celia

I am a blue eyed gal living with my blue eyed hubby and our blue eyed Weimaraner in Wisconsin. Teaching is my day job and I just love it! There is nothing that I would rather be doing for my profession. In my free time I love designing and crafting our little apartment. I also have a love of all things water like swimming and boating. Take a minute or two to get to know my blue eyed family.


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